Posted by: Miriam | 06/04/2008

Additional Page to the Interwebs

After deciding there just wasn’t enough blogs, opinions, and information on the internet I decided to add my own blog. Mostly it will be goofy things. Thoughts on annoying people that I come across. Goofy things I find on the web (when procrastinating from my chem and calc). Bikes, racing, and bike related things will also have a predominate spot.

I think I will start off with this awesome little video.

Its true, if you commuted by bike, your friends will high-five you and there will be disco balls.



  1. Miriam! That video is awesome. It stands for a good cause, and the music is very catchy! -Zoppo and Marquardt

  2. Reminds me of my typical commute too! When I’m riding, I’m smiling. When I’m driving, I’m grumbling. If I could get the party upon arrival, I would most satisfied. Maybe I can get everyone at work on two wheels and it will happen.

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