Posted by: Miriam | 13/04/2008

Ice Breaker Crit – sans the ice and the breaking

So I did my first race of the year. Yea I know its April. Road racing is in full swing. I’m just a slacker who hasnt been able to train much due to work/school/and some dietary issues.

We went around and around and around 30 times. I dont know how long it took I forgot to look at my watch and my computer’s battery went kaput. I was there I did it and I didnt even get last place.

Things that obviously need to work on:

– Sucking wheel in the middle of the pack and not at the back. Accordion effect = more work = Miriam gets tired faster.

-Turning with the pack. I’m not worried about my lines or that of most of the women I race with since they are all category 3 or up. I am still nervous about crashing thanks to Swan Island and going down 2x due to the rain and really beating myself up. I’m kinda over the crashing.

-Being more aggressive in keeping a wheel I want. Some of this was out of my control. There is a woman who races and is known for not being able to hold a line. If we had to pace lines of women, she would be all over the place and take both riders for her draft. There were several times I was caught between her and the curb, so I let her have the wheel. I had 3 choices. Tell her what I thought and to move over (this could have caused some tension). Make good up-close friends with the curb (I like my teeth where they are and my body and bike w
hole), or give up the wheel in the name of self preservation. So I chose self preservation. Which means I was back at the rear of the pack, again.

Things that made me pleased:
-The fact that I am not training much, and I raced against some fast-assed women, and I held on. I was always there, and the couple times I got gapped, I bridged and made it back on.

-That I have some afterburners of some sort. At the final corner I was off the back (yea corners!) and I just put er in a big gear, put my head down and gave it hell. I passed 2 other women, and came close to getting a 3rd. I do need to work on a shorter/faster sprint. Occasionally I need less endurance but more snap.

-Not getting last. And not caring about much else because I was there to have fun. Which I did because riding and racing my bike makes me smile. Especially in the 70 degree sunny weather.

-Getting my first cycling tan of the season – woooooo.

For the record, I got 8th, and I’m pretty ok with that.



  1. congrats. I have no idea what most of those words mean, but I have a hard time believing you need to be *more* aggressive

  2. Well, it’s about time that you started racing! I was beginning to wonder. No on the Mudslinger for me. I have Ani tickets and I am just getting over my bruises from Horner’s. My legs took up residence in Mexico, and have decided to come back only if I promise to drink margaritas when the occasion arises. Besides, the mud has your name written all over it.

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