Posted by: Miriam | 27/04/2008

First Days of Sun = Stupid People Out in Force

Seriously, I want to know what it is that makes people drive and act like morons when it first becomes nice out here in the NW?

Are they blinded by the sun?
Are their bodies having allergic reactions to the warmth/sun?
Or is it that people are just venturing from their hibernation so they have no social skills due to a lack of interaction with other humanoid forms?
Or are people just plain fricking dumb asses?

I ask these questions because on my 3.5 hour ride yesterday I had roughly 5 drivers show obvious lack of thought when passing me.

Like the ass in the red Dodge Durango who decided to pass on a road with no shoulder into oncoming traffic. Oh but wait, he didnt move over into the other lane so the oncoming traffic wasnt an issue.

Or the small navy sedan that decided to buzz us for shits and giggles, no oncoming traffic, country roads with 45ish speed limits, complete visibility. He was going at least 60+, and didnt even bother to move over the center line at all.

What about the dipshits in a silver 4 Runner 2 blocks from the house who decide to ride my butt when I’m slowing down for a red light (yea its red, that means stop), and then cut the corner thru the 7-11 parking lot to make a right hand turn. Had they just waited the light would have turned shortly and it would have been about 5-10 seconds later. Nooooo. Their time is important.

I wonder how much people think about their antics in their cars actually affect the rest of us. Esp those who do not have 2000lbs of plastic and metal surrounding them. It seems like people view their cars as an extension of their houses. And since they can do whatever they want in their houses, the same follows for cars. I mean how many times have you seen people pick their noses in their cars?

I guess it seems like people either dont think about how their piss poor driving actually involves others. Or that all I have between me and the road is Styrofoam and a small plastic shell. That is no match to your mid-sized SUV.

This is my life, and the lives of other cyclists here. Its not a game. It is not amusing or funny. Give us some space and respect that we are a road user as well. Really the extra 2 seconds it takes to slow down and pass at a safe distance wont effect your life in any way shape or form.



  1. I hear you. Saturday I got the royal with cheese treatment from a woman I shall call Batty. Batty honked at me while at a stoplight stopped, and then swerved into oncoming traffic, to roll down window, continuing to honk, and yell absurdities at top of lungs all while having cell phone attached to ear. I then proceeded to hammer, catch Batty and follow her home. She should be scared now.

  2. Yes, lots of stupidites. I liked how that one lady had to blow by so fast so that she could pull into the parking lot, then drive super slow trying to decide WHICH of the many open parking spaces would be best. It was fun to break out the bird. I had been keeping that in the bird cage for a special occasion.

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