Posted by: Miriam | 05/05/2008

Not Ok

Ok, this just pisses me off. I mean there is NO excuse for this. None. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

This weekend, someone shot 6 sea lions on the Columbia that were slated for relocation. So that means someone just shot 6 innocent sea lions who were not causing any harm. Several of the sea lions were on the endangered species list and several were also pups.

I know people are upset at the sea lions eating the salmon in the Columbia near the dams. They say it is causing a decline in the salmon population. Sure, but I think us humans with the dams have caused a hell of a lot more issues for the salmon than any of the sea lions could. Realistically, we are creating a nice all you can eat buffet for the sea lions. They are just opportunistic animals and taking advantage of an opportunity we [humans] created.

I hope these people are reincarnated as a slug that someone pours salt on, or an ant that some kid fries with his magnifying lens.



  1. I heard that the first assumption that the animals were shot was a hasty mistaken conclusion (or a weak attempt to cover-up incompetence)….and that the cages the animals were in actually “malfunctioned”, the sea lions panicked and died from heat exhaustion.Either way, its fucked up considering that the sea lions are only consuming like 3% of the salmon population…. and what % do humans consume I wonder? But we don’t talk about our consumption or should I call it our wasting of natural resources because everyone loves a nice grilled salmon steak. We shouldn’t have to restrict OUR consumption, I mean really, we do own the planet and everything else on it, right? We are the supreme beings of earth, right?The really funny part is that last year when I was involved in the necropsies of the sea lions shot at the dam, there were no salmon in their stomachs.Go figure. Humans shooting any old sea lion they come across because they’re mad about their precious salmon is such unusual behavior…. I mean, humans never jump to hasty conclusions and never act irrationally. It must have been those tricky wild animals…. how dare they eat fish… why can’t they eat something else instead?

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