Posted by: Miriam | 17/05/2008

Everything still smells like dust.

I think I might even have dust still in my ears (after multiple cleanings).

Last weekend was Chainbreaker in Bend. I was excited to not have to race in the mud again. But I was also nervous about racing in the dust. I have no skills (or skillz for that matter) when it comes to lose dust and dirt. And I have the bruises to prove it. Oh and they are pretty shades of green still after a week.

I finished. By far my worst finish on a the mtn bike. But I did it. Because I paid and I’m gettin my money’s worth (unless there is severe injury, then its just stupidity). I also ate, which is a triumph in and of itself. As I cant manage to eat and have both my hands on the bars at the same time. And as we all know, eating is important, esp when you’re riding your bike for almost 3 hours.

I crashed, and crashed and well crashed. Nothing bad or on too many rocks. My friend Jason, crashed and managed to break his helmet, it was brand new. Whoops.

On a slightly more interesting note, I think Ryan Trebon’s inseam is about 5’…when he passed me his saddle and ass were about eye level with me. Granted, I’m not a tall person, but he is one lanky dude.


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