Posted by: Miriam | 09/06/2008

Falls City Firecracker

I learned a new phrase that day: Hike-a-bike…

This was a fun course. I felt good. The course had A LOT of up hill. I tend to do well on those. I however wasnt expecting the fact we went the opposite direction on a downhiller’s course. This means we werent just going uphill, we were going up stuff so steep it was completely vertical.

We had half a lap up, and then the other half a lap was downhill. I really enjoyed the downhill. It wasnt on the downhillers course, which is why I enjoyed it. Those courses and jumps and what not are INSANE. We also got heckled by a friendly dude in kevlar waiting for us to finish racing so he could fling himself, his 50lb bike which he pushes to the top, over jumps 3x as big as me. I’d seriously like to know how many bones he’s broken.

Overall it was fun and good. I ended up doing 2 laps because the lap counters got a little mixed up with the masters sport women and the regular sport women and all the pro men standing around at the finish/lap point. And I couldnt hear at the start line, well I cant hear so well to begin with, but this was bad because I was behind all the beginners, so I started at the wayyyyy back and had to find my competition. Such is mtn bike racing.

I had fun, I got 3rd – PODIUM! And I got some nice swag…bottle and socks and a sleeveless jersey.



  1. Congrats on the 3rd!

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