Posted by: Miriam | 19/06/2008

Life Updations

Now that I’m all graduated with school, you are probably wondering what I am doing with my time. Well, probably not, since all 4.3 actually read this blog. But anywho, no matter. I’ll fill you in with life goings on.

Sat 6-14: Graduation Day. Hang out with family. Ride a couple of hours on the mtn bike with Chris. We previewed his short track training course. Pretty cool. Lot of climbing. Would be a fun race, but on private property (shhhh).

Sun 6-15: Test of Endurance. 50 freaking miles on the mtb. Oof. And I didnt even race. I organized, and did all the results. So I guess if there is an issue, you can blame me. I did bottle feeds for all the Collin’s racers. I got a bit of a sun burn, and now its just a few freckles. Bother the northern European decent. I did have fun working the other side of the races. Its pretty amazing they can keep results straight like they do. I mean its hard when there are 2 people coming across the line at the same time. And mtb races are easy compared to road races where a group of people could be all bunched up and number hard to read. At mtn bike races we make em stop and can enter the data on the spot. I did get a free pair of socks and bit o cash out of the deal. Oh yea and I didnt kill myself trying to race 50 miles in one day. The fastest Sport Woman did it in just under 7 hours. Thats a long assed time to be on a bike, especially a mtn bike

Mon 6-16: Work. Work Work. I get to work full time now. Woo. I dont have any homework. My time is mine after I leave work. I can do whatever I want! Wooo! Freedom. Work. Ride. Dinner. Crappy TV. Guess what I didnt do, and didnt feel guilty about not doing HOMEWORK!

Tuesday: Same as Monday. Watched Cloverfield. My recommendation: Dont. Predictable, obvious, and the creature was unbelievable, the main characters were annoying and deserved their ending for being stupid pratts.

Wednesday: Yep you guessed it: Work and Ride.

Today: Yea this is freaking awesome. Work Ride. Weather is even finally good. No warmers needed. No rain, so the trails are dry. Currently watching Sweeny Todd. Frankly, a bit too much singing. But damn, its got quite the cast. Sasha Cohen Baron is in purple very tight tights and singing with a cheesy Italian accent…I’d call that comedy, not a dark drama.

Anyways. Chris gets back from Tahoe tomorrow or Saturday. We go to Bend immediately after that for Picketts Charge. The last of the series. Right now I’m in 4th place, but the points are wrong for Firecracker, so I should really be in 3rd. So I need to do well, and I could be in the top 3 Sport Women of the state. Which means I probably should upgrade….next year, when I have time to train!



  1. no need to make updation plural, ie “updations”. plain old “updation” will do. see ya!

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