Posted by: Miriam | 04/07/2008

Picketts Charge

Phil’s Trailhead, Bend OR. Good legs, lots of rest, smiles and sun = good race.

Swoopy fun and not too long or too hard. It was great. I rode with Anna from Team S&M the whole way and pipped her at the line. Felt kind of bad for that, but I really wanted the points for 5th place since we were so close overall in the series. I was happy to be there, felt fantastic and I didnt even crash. Well ok except for the pre ride, where I burped my front tire (I dont use tubes, I have a strip that seals the rim, and then put a liquid latex mixture in there so it seals up any small punctures from thorns or the like that would normally give a flat tire, but when you peel the tire away from the rim, its called burping, and usually makes you crash). So I have a plethora of bruises from that, but not from the race. And yes, 2 weeks later, they are still there. Thanks to my pastiness.

This was a fun race, there was even 6 sport women (which is a lot, yes that is sad). I rode with them most of the way, Heather from Tireless Velo took off like a rocket from the start and put about 15 minutes into the rest of us. I think that kind of time calls for an upgrade. There was a split about half way, which I managed to miss due to being at the back of the pack. Generally I’m very uncomfortable with people riding right on my wheel. I dont know why, but I tend to ride like crap when someone is right there. I obviously need to work on being way off the front.

Anyways it was a great race, well organized, good turn out. But most of all fun.


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