Posted by: Miriam | 22/07/2008

Beef Jerky Time

So my cat is actually a small white basset hound. He’ll eat anything. I mean anything. Some of the long list includes:

corn chips
corn on the cob
every flavor of ice cream I’ve had
gummy bears
red and white wine
grapefruit juice
Massaman curry (spicy)
beers, esp IPAs

So its no wonder he likes beef jerky. Chris left some out on the counter last night when we went to Thai food. I came home and turned the light on in the living room, and there was the spicy peppered beef jerky, bag torn open jerky and peppers spread across the living room floor. 

And then as we went to bed, Pim was back up on the counter trying to get into the human food cupboard. Presumably to find more jerky. Or corn chips. Or pop tarts. Or whatever else he could get his grubby paws on.


  1. fat cat’s got good taste ;)nothing better than jerky after a race- swear to god

  2. Mia, his protege, is now into melons…. cantalope and watermelon so far, next we’ll try crenshaw.

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