Posted by: Miriam | 30/07/2008

Women’s Series Crits

We raced a very short race on Monday due to an accident in the B field. After that got cleared up and the A women got a little organized, we had time to do about 8 laps. So I did an 8 lap crit. Normally thats about 1/3 of a race. The women’s series has been doing 18 laps for the previous 2 weeks. There was a pretty heafty head wind too on the back side. So I’m glad I only had to deal with the wind 8 times. We were giving a pretty decent effort and only going 15mph or so.

I managed not to get stuck out in the wind towing everybody with a 1/2 lap to go this time, saw the break start and I went with it. Stuck on, but didnt give it enough in the sprint to actually do much of anything. I need to practice my sprinting and doing so in a much larger gear than I’d like to be. But I got 4th in that race.

With two 4th place finishes and a 6th place finish I ended up getting 3rd overall in the series. I even get stuff. We didnt stick around for prizes because it was getting dark and we had to get home (no lights). I’ll post about my splendiferous prizes when I get them.

Oh yea, I’ve now done 4 road races this entire year. Stupid mt bike season overlap.


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