Posted by: Miriam | 30/08/2008

DNC, McCain, and some chick from Alaska

First off, I’m biased as hell. I cannot understand how people who are not rich, white, and sit on the board of large corporations can be republican. I like Barak Obama. He seems like a normal guy who you could have a good conversation over beers with. Yes some said that about Bush II, but without the good conversation part. When he speaks, he is describing a bright future where there are loads of shiny happy people. It may not be perfect, but its a significant change and better change from the 8 long dark years we’ve had.

Freaking McCain though. Jay-sus. The ‘oh I’m gonna ride the Hilary wave and get me a woman’ mentality is disgusting. Sarah Palin has NO political experience. She was the mayor of a town of 9000. There are 3 times more people than that at the University of Oregon. Now she is the governor of Alaska for LESS THAN 2 years. The population of AK is 684,000ish. The city of Austin Texas has more, 743,000ish. Crap, Portland Oregon, has 568,000ish. I’d say those mayors have at least as much or probably more experience than she does.

The other thing that pisses me off, is that she was tapped because she is a woman. Not because she has a good leadership record (or any for that matter). Its the oh gee we need to find someone who isnt white and or male. Its degrading to all women who have worked for what and where they are today. She was chosen because she has a v-jay jay.

While it may seem awesome that a woman could be vice president, its terrifying that THIS woman could be president. I mean come on, McCain is just about the same age as my grandparents. In 4 more years he’ll be almost 80. Its entirely possible that he could have some serious health issues in that time. And if he does who gets to be in charge? Oh yea, Sarah “I have no experience” Palin. And if the republicans are touting their own horn that they would be the one with a woman on the ticket, I just want to remind everybody that the democrats did it first, 20 years ago…can anybody say Geraldine Ferraro?

And finally, in true republican fashion, she is currently being investigated. Yep, she’s been in office for less than 2 years and is already being investigated. Why? Because it looks like she dismissed the Public Safety Commissioner when he refused to fire her ex-brother in law (who is a state trooper). Ah yes, this “reformer” whistle blower type is just the same as it ever was.

PS McCain has met her only once prior to his (I mean his handlers) choosing her for the VP position.



  1. Sing it! It’s so weird to watch all this craziness from overseas but we will probably be landing right in the middle of it in October. One thing’s for sure, if McCain wins I’ll be looking for the next plane out.I’m afraid you can blame the “American Dream” (that you’ll hit the lotto tomorrow and not have to pay taxes on it) for the number of poor white crackers who vote against their own self interest. That and good old fashioned bigotry.

  2. Hey, she wasn’t chosen (just) because she’s a woman!Palin was chosen because she’s a woman, AND pro-gun-rights, anti-reproductive-rights. And WAY more ladylike than Hilary, I’m sure…(/scoff)

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