Posted by: Miriam | 27/09/2008


So I went back this week to pick up the seismometers and other equipment that we deployed the other day. It wasnt quite as long, significantly less tedious, but no less demanding.

Lets see things that happened:

I dropped a GPS on the way down from a site (super steep slopes). It was in my pocket but the lanyard snagged on a manzanita bush. It wasnt super accurate, usually was about 10m off, but it wasnt mine to lose. So the next day (after it had rained for the majority of the day and night) we had a little spare time and went back to look for it. I found it! The bright blue case was pretty visible hanging off the manzanita, just waiting for me. We hiked to the rocky outcrop near by and took some photos. At least it was sunny, cool but hey I’ll take that over working in the rain any day.

Earlier that day we came across a seismometer that had been dug up. It was just hanging out by the hole. The bag with the battery, recording device, and GPS antenna was completely untouched. It was very odd, and we had a debate about who or what could have done it. We came to either bear or human.
Pro human: the hole wall looked very staight and sharp on one side.
Pro bear: bag wasnt touched, humans probably would have screwed with the other equipment.

That same day I found a 4 point buck skull and several vertebrae. I kept the skull but left the spine parts. The bones were pretty fresh as they still had connective tissue and ookie stuff. The skull made it home and is sitting out side waiting for the bugs and ants to clean it out before I bring it in the house.

The nights were cold, I mean frost on the inside of your tent cold. I bought a down jacket just before going out and I am so glad I did, as I pretty much lived in it. Other than that, I worked my butt off, had a good time and drank lots and lots of beer.

East Lake
North and Middle Sisters, as see on the way home.


  1. I love Eastern Oregon. Beautiful scenery and amazing mountain biking too. I’m betting an octogenarian metal detectionist dug up that device. Those people are crazy.

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