Posted by: Miriam | 10/10/2008

Off Season

What to do when the season (and by season, I mean my haphazard, mediocre, lackadaisical attempt to race) ends and cyclo-cross seems unappetizing?

Commute on your race bike! Weee!

Look for a rain bike, aka a cross bike with fenders and slick tires.



Read a book


Obviously I’m bored off my ass. My slowly widening ass. So I have a plan for next season. Watch out.

I’m taking time away from my bike, a long time. I love my bikes. I love riding my bikes. But having only raced while in school, I’ve always felt guilty about training because I should have been doing homework or the like. So I want to completely erase that guilt. I want it to be completely enjoyable and fun.

I however, need to keep my strength and not get fat. So I’m going to swim my butt to extra fit. I also am going to supplement my swimming and occasional riding with some pilates to keep me limber. (when I dont feel like doing the trainer).

And finally I need a few races to aim for:

Willamette (road)
Mudslinger (mtn bike)
Table Rock (road)
Chain Breaker (mtn bike)
AIDS/Lifecycle Ride 545 Miles from SF to LA to raise awareness and money to fight the spread and find a cure for HIV/AIDS – This ought to be a lot of fun, its completely supported and should be good and challenging but awesome.

So there ya go, I’ve got a fitness plan, races to aim for, and fun stuff to do. Bring on the winter.


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