Posted by: Miriam | 12/11/2008


I drank the Obama cool-aid and damn was it tasty.

So the right guy won. Yippee! But now its gonna be lots of hard work and sacrifice and in all reality it will get worse before it gets better.

Lets see what has BushCo left us to clean up:

Mortgage Crisis
Bank Failures
Auto Industry
Energy Crisis
Global Warming

To name a few. And if anybody cares, I think BEFORE we give out 100s of BILLIONS of dollars we should make the industry that we are bailing out follow some damned rules. Out line things they can and cannot do with gobs of my money. Like requiring the auto industry to create more efficient autos and or develop the technology we already have into viable options. By just bailing out these companies we are just rewarding the piss poor management and outrageous pay scales that got us into this muck in the first place.

CEOs, boards and the like of these “too big to fail” companies need to put their big boy undies on and realize that they made some seriously flawed decisions and that does not equate to a large bonus or any sort of monetary reward.


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