Posted by: Miriam | 18/11/2008

Mercedes Benz

So why is it that Mercedes Benz SUV drivers seem to be total asshats? Is it the fact they feel special because they have an extra-expensive gas guzzler? Or is it the people who are willing to spend 48-55,000 (MSRP) on an SUV that you cant even drive over a curb, are the most important people on the face of the planet? Whatever it is these people on their cell phones in these things really chap my hide.

I’m going to work yesterday. There is a big intersection a couple of blocks from my house that has no bike lane through it. There are bike lanes leading up to it, but the intersection is old and there wasnt enough room to expand the intersection. Whatever there are loads of bike merge signs. Its a 2 lanes each way with a protected left turn lane.

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So I take the right lane, I wait for the light. Yes people like to turn right on the red light. But I’ve hugged the curb before and been cut off too many times by people running late to do that. So Monday am, I’m sitting there enjoying the sunshine waiting for my coffee to really kick in, and I hear a noise behind me. I look over and see this metallic navy blue M Class Mercedes SUV straddling the stripped line between lanes inching towards me.

I’m confused. What in the hell is going on. So I look at him with a quizzical look. Give him the palms up WTF gesture. He smiles and waves. All the while on his cell phone. Whatev. Its quiet for a little bit then I hear his studded snow tires (because the 4WD in an SUV isnt enough to get to the mtn) creep up again. I look over and give him the same WTF look. He continues to creep up on my space. I point to myself and I point to where I’m standing.

So the light changes. And we’re off. Ok so I get the hole shot (yes I’m always racing – and yes that ALWAYS sounds dirty). Then Mr MB SUV driver is on my ass revving his engine. He flies around me at significantly faster than the speed limit. The best part is when he turns around makes eye contact with me (yes still on the cell) and smiles and waves.

So this dude was trying to “squeeze” in my lane at the intersection. Not to turn right, I might have had a bit of understanding. But no, this guy was going straight thru, in a 2 lane intersection with nobody in the adjacent lane.

I guess I dont need coffee in the am with drivers like that.



  1. Oh man, I had a traumatic incident involving a mercedes SUV around thanksgiving last year. No one was hurt, but the cops were involved and there was physical violence and threats… it’s quite a funny story in retrospect. Burned in my memory, though, is that car. Gold M class, WA license plate #119-UKD. Total asshats, the couple in that car.

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