Posted by: Miriam | 30/01/2009

My morning commute

I know I’ve bitched a lot about my commute and the idiots I have to deal with. But this is amazing. It truly was just appalling.

I’ve just pulled out on the the road. I’m headed west. To my right is some basic housing and smaller side streets with, you guessed it, more single family/duplex housing. To the left is a school. I’m rolling along in my tiny geared fixie. There is an old lady in a mu mu with some mangy assed dog with her. The neighbors apparently had not taken their garbage cans in from Thursday pickup. I’m maybe 10ish feet from the old lady who’s walking the dog. She gets to the garbage cans and pushes them over into the street. I dont hear much as I’m franticlly trying not to hit them and swerve into traffic. But something about “that’ll teach em”.

I dont know if she was referring to me or the neighbors but it was the closest I’ve ever come to giving an old person the bird.



  1. “closest” meaning you didn’t?Wow.Such restraint.

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