Posted by: Miriam | 30/01/2009


So aside from working my ass off at work (we’re talking ~50hr weeks for all of Jan). I’ve decided I should probably start training again. Well if I dont want to come in dead last all the time. And I dont like being last so…that leads to the having to ride my bike for more than just to and from work.

Collin’s Shop team folded so I was on the hunt for a road team. I will be riding for Team Dirt for mtn bike. But I wanted some teammates and people to train with for the road. I missed most of the road season last year, I was uber busy with school so training was pretty nil and the mtb season conflicted with the road season. So this year, I think I’d like to balance it out with closer to 50-50 road/mtb. So I joined the Poplollies. We are the only all women’s race team in the southern valley. And I have some wonderful teammates with some serious horsepower. It ought to be awesome.

I’m pumped about racing this year. No homework, no school. Just me and the bike. Woo hoo!


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