Posted by: Miriam | 23/05/2009


Ok, so after a long hiatus, I am back. Many things have changed. All for the better (if not scarier).

I had a long fun vacation to NYC, lots of shopping, goofing off, 3am bowling (free frames with pitches), and spending time with good friends. After I got back, work changed, all of the sudden I became the target of all of management’s criticism. Apparently doing everything for everybody, setting up the new procurement system, managing budgets, and generally making sure the office and lab ran smoothly wasnt quite up to snuff. So in early May I got fired.

This may sound bad, but it really isn’t. Well I could use the cash, but I’m so unstressed about work. It felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders after I walked away from that place. Ah. I am/was however pissed for the lame assed excuses of “under performance”. Call a spade a spade and tell me the real reasons. Like budgets. I saw my old position posted on CL and it was for a part time person, 20-30 hrs a week. I want to know why they are doing that, if I was working 50 hrs a week and wasnt able to get things done, how is someone doing 20 hrs going even get close? Just setting up another person for failure. Really thats the saddest part.

Prior to my shit-canning I was looking at other options. I knew I needed out. I knew my soul was dying a small amount everytime I was there. So not having any practical experience as a Geologist. Not wanting to work in an office again (or until I left for grad school next year), and needing the frick out of Eugene, I looked into AmeriCorps (spurned partly by a friend who is entering Peace Corps). Success! There are tons and tons of positions that I could use my science skills meshed with my ability to network, and human interaction. I had probably about 13 interviews…screening interviews, interviews with managers, with other AmeriCorps members. I had some seriously awesome interviews (all over the phone). Mostly because I wasnt nervous and I was excited about this next step.

I got a job offer from Butte MT working for The National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT ). I would have been working with low income people to get them energy efficient appliances, weatherize their houses, and teach environmental stewardship through energy conservation. It sounded like a cool job.

But the one I really really wanted was a watershed management position. I applied to ones on the East Coast (coal belt Appalachia) and in Colorado/Montana. I interviewed 3x with the Western Hardrock Watershed Team and I got the position! Woo! I wont just be standing out in a stream/river some place. I will help open a couple of new offices in NM and CO. So I’ll be networking with other watershed groups, education groups, other AmeriCorps members, and small mtn communities. It’ll be challenging and stressful at times, but I think it’ll be really a great position. My boss is super duper awesome. The 2 other girls I’ll work closely with are very cool, funny, and nice.

I’m sooo excited! Weeee!


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