Posted by: Miriam | 02/07/2009

Dearest OBRAland

I must say its been a good run.

From the very beginning of my cycling career the people who comprise OBRA have made me feel welcomed and encouraged. I’ve only been racing for a few short seasons now, but all of you who helped me along the way are very much appreciated. I couldnt have gone as far as I have without you all.

I am sorry that I wont easily be able to race in Oregon for many years to come. I just moved to Durango CO for an AmeriCorps position working with the Western Hardrock Watershed Team. We are doing watershed management in rural and ex mining towns that have issues with acid mine drainage. We help mitigate these problems while rebuilding the strength of the community through a connection to the river and the history of the area. It is awesome. So far, 2 weeks into it, I love my job and my new town. The people here are amazing and are very appreciative of the work

Although this is a great opportunity and will lead me to super awesome places (like an MS and a PhD and a career) I am still sad to have to leave behind all the wonderful people who are OBRA. I am going to miss racing at some of the most beautiful places, the mud (yes I said it, I miss the mud – I actually aimed for a puddle the other day on the trail), and all the ladies that make racing so damn hard.

So, thank you OBRA. You will be missed.

I’d also like to give a special shout out to the ladies of the Poplollies for putting up with my mountain bike antics on the road. And to Peak Sports/Team Dirt/Gregg Rouse/Mike Ripley/Chris Brandt for helping me make this season a great mtn bike season. And especially Ripley for not upgrading me to a Cat 1 before I moved. 😀

Though this training at 6500′ elevation will hopefully come in handy when I do see you all on a bike again.



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