Posted by: Miriam | 07/07/2009

The Rules

So there are always rules one has to learn when they move to a new area. Here they are (as far as I can tell) for the Durango area.

1) Texans are to Durango what Californians are to Oregon. But worse. They arent kidding when they say everything is bigger in Texas. People, cars, hair, obnoxiousness, and obliviousity (yes I just made that up).

2) You must like beer. Which really isnt a problem in my case, but there are the few odd people that might be an issue for.

3) Being a mountain biker is no longer special. EVERYBODY mountain bikes out here. I therefore need a new more interesting hobby…skin diving or mountain unicycling, or ultimate pinochle.

4) Most people here work at least 2 jobs to afford their ski/mountain bike bum lifestyle.

5) And lastly there are at least 3 dudes for every chick here. It makes for easy pickings, girls, come on down!



  1. no, no, no! I told you… It's 6 and a half to one girl guy ratio… The half represents the one lesbian in town for every two straight girls. and five of the six boys for every girl is a DB…. so, I got great odds!later,GW

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