Posted by: Miriam | 13/07/2009

The CO leg…

The drive over the passes is about to begin…(cue ominous music)

No, thats not you, the town dips down to the right. I wouldnt want to be drunk here, you might fall off.
Leaving weird little Oury
Avalanche Protection. Also notice the stream running across the top.


The road between Ouray and Silverton…the white line was the edge of a large cliff. My mother was really freaked out, especially around the hair pin turns with the 6×12 trailer.

This is what Pim did the whole way.

This is what Eshe thought of the trip…


  1. Nice blog! You should post some of this stuff (photos for sure) on Buzztown: need more bloggers like you on the site!

  2. You need to mention the valiant driving efforts of your wonderful father, that kind soul that tolerated your snide remarks and whimpering cat for 30+ hours in a car and then slept in the back of that same car the first night in Durango, without so much as a moments complaint. 🙂 Tell more about the bear!! I don't want to get a twitter account.

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