Posted by: Miriam | 21/12/2009

Where to begin?

So Ive spend the last few months away from my blogity blog. I’m sure I’ve lost a 1/3rd of my readers, so now I’m down to 3. Better start building up the fan base again.

Where have I been?
Charleston, West Virgina
Beckley, West Virgina
Jackson’s Mill, West Virgina
Denver, Colorado
Vail, Colorado
Avon, Colorado
Estes Park, Colorado
(where I saw a bear out front of our lodging and saw Denver people taking pictures of mule
deer – oh it’s so CUTE!)
Salida, Colorado
(Where the best gluten free pizza in Colorado is located)
Durango, Colorado
(to visit my bed and stuff)
Why was I in all those places in less than 30 days? One word: work.


  1. Ah, but you've picked up me. You're now in my "koterie" so I can keep tabs on you.

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