Posted by: Miriam | 25/01/2010

A Meditation on Snow

So in the last week we’ve gotten A LOT of snow. Last Wednesday it started snowing.

Storm 1: 8″

Storm 2: 10″

Storm 3: 1.5 FEET*

*Note: none of these measurements are scientific in any way, except that I am a scientist.

So I’ve had a lot of time to contimplate the snow. Time on my bike when I’m trying not to die on the poorly designed multi-use paths (who puts S-turns on a decent anyways?), or when I’m pushing it through the snow because it is too damn deep to ride. Or when I spend 5 hours in 3 days shoveling, but yet hardly making a dent. Or when staring out my office window, looking at the beautiful blue sky and wishing I could be skiing.

Snow is amazing. There are so many different types.

It makes the world look like a cross between the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man exploded (yes, just like Ghost Busters) and a cloud.

Dirty snow is downright uggg-ly.

I actually like shoveling snow. Its very much Zen-like

Downhill skiing is hard. Bilateral asymmetry, anyone?

It doesnt matter how much float you have or what kind of snowshoes you have, when there is 3′ of snow on the ground, you will sink in to your knees.

I love the snow. It makes me happy. I love rolling in it, playing in it, skiing in it. It is just fun and brings out almost everybody’s inner child for a few hours.

I love Durango in the winter. Although  I was the only one who snowshoed to the bar, there were plenty of people on cross country skis, snowmobiles, and bikes. Oh and people thought it was damn cool that I locked my snow shoes up to the bike parking. What else was I supposed to do with them?

And finally, I have an excuse to drink copious amount of hot chocolate.


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