Posted by: Miriam | 27/01/2010

Lazy or a study on being my cat.

I got ordered today to be lazy. L-A-Z-Y. To enjoy it. To embrace, relish, roll-around in it. Lap that shit up.

I have been fighting being sick for a week. I felt weak, tired, punky, and generally just icky (yes that is the medical term). It finally hit with full force and glory on Sunday evening. I woke up on Monday head full, slight fever, and just wanted to crawl back into bed. I had a doctor appt or other things so I went to that. She asked if I was sick – um, no, I normally sound like a frog lives in my head. I worked a little bit on Monday, went to the store to stock up on fluids. I wasnt even hungry. And everybody knows I can eat, so when I’m  not hungry this is serious. Tuesday I managed to peel myself out of bed around 9, I was ecstatic at this accomplishment. I farted around on the intertubes. Took a nap, read a bit, watched some Netflix. Also still not hungry. Today, I’m feeling better, head is swimming and feels faintly unattached from my body. Eating more..oranges and grapefruit, anybody?

I am bored. I hate sitting around when I could be doing something active with my body. Running, riding, hiking, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoeing. Hell, even the gym. I think better when I’m physically doing something. I frequently get up and walk around or hop, or skip, or bounce through the office to get my brain juices flowing. So not only do I feel all sorts of off from being stuffy, I am inactive so I all my thinking and editing and writing gets tossed out the window. I am antsy (though there are no ants in my pants.)

So I need to learn how to be lazy. I need to practice being my cats. I am unsure if I can do that. They sleep all the goddamned time. So here I am, trying. I’m still in my jammies eating popcorn for lunch. I am trying to wrap my head around it fully. But my brain isnt working well (see above). I need to learn/observe 3-5 things about being lazy.

My assignment: Observe 3-5 things about being lazy. But not a normal Miriamesque observation, ie non-scientific. Crap. Crap. Crap.

Be one with the laziness. Find the lazy Miriam within. And similar junk.

Ok so here are my thoughts. Scientific or not. I am noticing the little things, well no, I am paying attention to the little random things in my house. I always notice the little thing, I just usually ignore or write them off. For example: there are a few magnets on the bottom of the fridge door. I can watch the icicles drip all day long – they are like fast stalactites and stalagmites, which is pretty cool. There are a tons of kiwis in my house, which is one of the only fruits I find truly vile. I probably drink too much coffee – maybe I’ll take that down a notch. Although I write a lot of thoughts down in my books, I dont have any plans or lists or A to B to C steps. Or even day to day things I want to do, or need to get done.

As for being like my cats, I dont purr, I am definitely not that furry, and if I were them I think I might refuse to eat so much kibble. But please do not mention that, I dont want a rebellion on my hands. Or is that paws? Oh and I like my thumbs, I think I’ll keep those.

P.S. All you people doing fun outdoorsy things can bite it.



  1. Nice to see you learning to relax a bit. The snow is really pretty. I want to be in it !! I bet you can mtb on the trails where they are packed. That would be fun………..

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