Posted by: Miriam | 01/10/2010

Part 2: Raise Your Hand if You are Bored!

Ohh here here! Me! Me! I’ll take an extra helping, please.

So 2.5 weeks post breaking my tibia and fibula, I’m casted, done with narcotics, and pretty much over the whole shebang. I had surgery last Thursday, everything went as expected. Bionic Ankle 3000 upgrade is now implemented. Its time for phase 2: Recovery and Mental Fortitude. If this part of  ankle breaking process doesn’t kill me, nothing will.

Pre Op: The Stoke is high or I'm already heavily drugged. Your guess is as good as mine.

A little recap: I had the ankle upgrade last Thursday. Surgery was fine, I don’t remember it, granted. I had a nerve block at the knee so I had no feeling from my knee down. It was supposed to last 8-10 hours. Twenty four hours later is when I started to feel it. And oh holy Moses did I feel it. If  you’ve never had a nerve block, then this will be hard to imagine. So take the worst dead leg you have ever had, and multiply it by like 1,000,000. And not be able to stomp your foot to help the nerves wake up. And make it last roughly 15 hours. Yea, so that obviously sucked. I had to call in the big gun pain meds: Hydromorphone aka Dilaudid. Which took the edge off enough for me not to cut my leg off with a rusty butter knife. I’m pretty sure Dr. Lawton would have been annoyed to see his handy work destroyed like that.

Its loud and matches nothing.

I got casted on Wednesday. Which has helped a lot. The cast is much smaller than the splint and I can move my foot a lot less. It’s also obnoxious-as-hell coloring. The circulation is getting better. I can be vertical for about 10 minutes now without my blood pounding in my ankle. Which means I can make myself coffee (goddamn this is wonderful!), or scramble an egg. In the splint my toes  were pointed towards the ground, not quite like a ballerina, but definitely not at a rightish angle to the rest of my leg. So before it could be casted I had to bring it to a right angle. Not the most pleasant way to start the day. I wouldn’t say it was specifically painful, but more difficult than anything else. But I don’t have a splint hitting me in the back of the knee, if I bump it accidentally my eyes don’t cross quite as far.

So now I’m slightly (emphasis here) more mobile and narcotic free. And bored. Time has little meaning. Though I do try to get up, make coffee/tea, and to at least have dinner at a normalish hour. Insomnia hasn’t exactly helped with the trying to keep a normal schedule. I want to sleep. I want to sleep more than 2 hours at a time. And if it’s not too much to ask, I want to do it at night, not at 11am.

I while away the hours on the internets, searching for jobs, obsessively checking FaceBook and Twitter (hey you never know when something interesting will come across the tubes). I’ve started my job search again (writing cover letters on narcotics just didn’t seem like a good idea). Also I’ve been able to start reading books (not just Cosmo type crap) again since I have some cognitive ability again. But this rediscovered cognitive streak is a double-edged sword. I am alert and with it, but its much easier to be on rest when you are stoned and don’t care that you are bored.

Things I have discovered this week:

  • My mail carrier is highly erratic.
  • The cats sleep close to 22 hours a day
  • Friends and family tend to send junk food or sugary treats for injuries. This is the last thing I need – I AM SITTING ON MY ASS ALL DAY. But thanks for them, they are tasty.
  • I used to like baths, now I detest the ordeal and the length of time they take
  • Eyebrows are hard to pluck on while on crutches
  • My toes are REALLY long
  • I know the drs and nurses and people don’t if I shave. I still care.
  • It’s a good thing I live in Durango because using a backpack as a purse is more acceptable than maybe anywhere else.
  • It better not get cold soon, or I’ll resort to having to wear leggings and a skirt since I have no pants that will fit over my cast. This idea terrifies me.

So I’m here, I’ll be here for a while. 3 weeks to be exact, until I can walk again. But for now, I have to go take a bath, and get ready for dinner. So at least I have 2 hours of something to do that isnt sitting on my bed using electronics.



  1. Ugh that sounds really awful. I hope it’s getting better every day. Soon, it will be but an unpleasant memory. Heal fast!

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