Posted by: Miriam | 12/10/2010

An Addendum to My Boredom

So the count down is on. Eight days. Eight freaking days. And this bloody (not literally) cast comes off. After the cast is removed, I get some more pretty pictures of the insides of me, and if all of that is going well, then I get a walking boot, something akin to this sexy beast. I will probably be on crutches for a little bit after that so I don’t have to put my full weight on it just yet. Once I can get das boot, I can start swimming and physical therapy. I am really looking forward to this next step (pun intended). I need to be able to do something besides hobble around my house and make myself tea in the afternoons. My foot still turns purple when I am upright for too long. But it doesn’t throb these days. And is only really swollen when it is below my heart for hours on end. All these are good things, but there are still days I’ve been frustrated and as such I am attempting to perfect my crutch-turned-javelin throwing skills. Lately I’ve been lamenting the diminishing tan lines, a skinny leg, and the black hair (I’m Scottish – we’re a hairy people) I’m going to have to take a mower to when the cast comes off.

Remember when you were a kid and had braces? Remember you wanted nothing besides a nice crisp apple (no, not this Apple) and a caramel? And maybe your friends would stop teasing you about being a TV antenna and you wouldn’t worry about making out with the hot boy who also had braces (or maybe that was just me…). Well having a broken ankle is similar, there is a whole long list of things I want to do but cannot, and my friends tease me about being a gimp and such. So I’ve been creating a mental list of  things that I am excited to do when the bionicness of the Bionic Ankle 3000 comes to a realization. Walking on my own is probably #1 on the list. A close 2nd is taking a shower, a real live standing up shower, and scrubbing the hell out of my leg. It’s the simple shit, like carrying my food to the table, getting a glass of water, or really anything that involves standing up and holding something other than crutches.

This has been a long few too many weeks of forced rest. I could do maybe a week off of any physical activity, but it’s almost 4 weeks now and I am just about mentally done – one more little push and I’ll be over the dull part and on to the fun (er difficult and probably painful type of fun) parts. Some basics stats that I’ve compiled over the last few days:

Trips to the hospital: 5

Hours in the hospital: 7.5-8

Number of splints: 3

Number of casts: 2


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