Posted by: Miriam | 14/10/2010

Everybody Crutch Now

So I needed a few groceries (of course I didn’t write it down, so I promptly got distracted and forgot a few things). I live four blocks from the grocery store. 4. Seriously. Normally I usually walk there, its nice to use my legs for something other than turning pedals over, and I can carry a bit more on foot than via my über hipster-mobile (Sekai NJS track frame with Chris King components and no brakes). However, said walking activities have been severely curtailed since I broke my ankle 4 weeks ago.

Feeling on beyond bored and lazy I decided to make a grocery run. Well, a grocery crutch, to be exact. So instead of doing the 8 blocks round trip, I figured I’d hop a ride and give the shorter 4 blocks the ol college try. How do you grocery shop? You carry a basket or push a cart – using your hands. Well mine are occupied with crutches at the moment, so I had to rely on picking out my items, and then shoving them in my backpack – hoping that the staff didn’t think I was stealing. I get my groceries, I and I go to the self checkout. I unload the backpack and then set the empty bag in the bagging area. Apparently the weight of a small pack is too heavy, the machine flips out and I can’t even tell it that “I’m using my own bag”. So I have to scan everything and then rebag it into my pack.

I point the crutches to the second star to the right (no, that’s Peter Pan) I decide to go home instead. I’ve got a good stride going. However my pack and slight hunched posture leads to my skirt and fleece riding up. Now my back is cold and I could join the sorority Sho Abita Thigh. Aside for the occasional readjustment so I don’t have a wardrobe malfunction I keep a brisk pace. My elbows are tucked in a nice aero position, head up, and a good firm grip so I can have a long swinging stride.

So there is a block long hill between my house. The hill isn’t too bad, but I was able to sled down it last winter and got some good speed. It’s not bad on a bike, but it is definitely a hill. So up I go, I’d like to get home. I keep my elbows tucked in, my head down to look for pine cones and other objects that may throw me off-balance. I get up to a good zone 2 heart rate, and keep it there at a nice steady clip and stayed as aero as much as possible. Crutchervals done.

This little gimp went crutch crutch crutch all the way home.

Tomorrow: Round trip crutchervals to pick up the couple of things I forgot/couldnt get in my bag.


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