Posted by: Miriam | 26/10/2010

Post e^3.141 About My Ankle

So tomorrow is a big day. One for the history books. I get to put weight on my ankle for the first time since September 14th. Today is the 6 week anniversary of me breaking myself. Last week I finally got my cast off and stitches out. First thing I did was shower and scrub the hell out of my leg. Five weeks of non-washing and non-shaving surprisingly (or maybe not really) left my leg hairy and scaly. As well as scrawny and weak.

I don’t know how many of you have been casted before, but it is surprising how sensitive skin becomes when it has not been washed or used or even touched in weeks. Normally I’m very ticklish on the soles of my feet. My right foot is so sensitive that I can barely wash the bottom of my foot it is so overly sensitive. I had to shave with the hair (hey at least I could shave). My skin is getting less sensitive as time goes on, but it is still much more hyper sensitive than the rest of my skin.

Ok so I cheated. I put weight on my ankle like 12 hours early. Dont tell Dr. Lawton. I’m bored. I’m fidgety. And I am tired of sitting around waiting to heal. I want to do things, like walk and run and hop and ride. So yea I think I’ll push it just a little. A few hours. I start PT in a few weeks, but I need to work on my range of motion first off, so I flex and move and twist. I am drawing the alphabet with my toes. And working on gaining any sort of muscle mass I can before PT.

Oh and because pictures are worth a thousand words (or so they say) here you go:

And I give you my newest accessory.


Tibia side w/ 5 week old bruising.

Fibula side: Plate and 8 screws!

Maybe the best "signature" on my cast...



  1. You are better at the last part of your blog description than any other thing.

    I need to get my head around this bloggity blog again!

    Coming to PDX at all over the wintarz? Will they let you ride?

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