Posted by: Miriam | 03/11/2010

Baby Steps

Literally. Last week I got clearance to put 50% of my weight on the ankle. If that went well (and I’ll be damned if I was going to admit if it didn’t unless I was in severe pain) then this week I’m cleared to put 100% on my ankle. I still have the super sexy Das Boot accessory (and will until December 2nd).

BUT I CAN WALK! Slowly with a very zombie-esque shuffle, BUT I CAN WALK! Hell YES!

I can’t go far without my crutches yet, so the grocery store shuffle is still a crutch, but with weight-bearing. I can easily hobble around the house, which means not only I can make dinner or breakfast or coffee but I can carry it around the house too. Walking and carrying things is a luxury that most people don’t ever think about. This also means I have full clearance to swim and PT starts soon too. This will help me start to build muscle mass which means I’ll be able to get back on the bike faster. I’m glad I’m a cyclist and not a runner, due to the low impact activity of the riding vs the pounding my ankles take when I run.

So small steps, hobbling around the house and eventually to the store and the gym and then to infinity and beyond. I am stoked.


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