Posted by: Miriam | 30/11/2010


So since breaking myself I have been unemployed. I spent a good 3 weeks to a month not even applying for positions since I was pretty drugged up. Frankly sending out applications/cover letters/resumes while on opiates didn’t seem like such a good idea (even in my high-as-a-kite state). So for 1/2 of September and 1/2 of October there was no little to no effort to find meaningful or otherwise work.

So I went to a conference in mid October, and was told about a position in Ignacio. Where and what is Ignacio you may ask. Well, dear reader, Ignacio, of about 700, is a town about 25 miles SE of Durango (I’m assuming you know where Durango, Colorado is located). The town is located on the Southern Ute Tribe Reservation and is a tri ethnic community – White, Hispanic, and Native. One phone interview, one one-on-one interview, and then a group interview (with the whole office!). I got a phone call the week before last double checking I was willing to do this for a long haul (5 years!). I had to think about that, honestly, I figured I would head off to grad school in a year or so (of course I’ve been saying that for years now, I guess). But I love the area, it is home – my heart and soul are happy here. I have great friends, whom I consider family. I wont stay forever, but staying for several more years couldn’t be better.

Mappage: Durango-Ignacio

The position would be another AmeriCorps position, however it will be a State/National position, so it is structured by hours, and not length of time (like VISTA) – it will end up being about 10 months though. The pay is a bit different, but I still get health and dental insurance and a good chunk of change towards my student loans (or future education) . The reason for the AmeriCorps position is to create an internship in community planning, policy creation, and youth engagement (to name the key highlights). The town being so small and budgets being so tight they couldn’t pay for a regular intern, so hence the AmeriCorps route to an internship. Pretty damn creative, frankly. But what happens in 10 months then? Well assuming I still love my job, and they think I’m doing a bang up job, I would come on as staff, something like Assistant Town Planner.

How does this even make sense? Arent you a geologist? And a nerd? Well, ok. Valid questions. So I want to go into Urban Planning with an emphasis in water resource management, so having the planning and policy background will be perfect for the Masters in Urban Planning (MUP). And yes, I’ve always been interested in water and water quality issues, especially now that I live in a semi arid to arid environment. But I’ve always been a people person. And I’ve always wanted to incorporate the two sides – science  and people. I think this is the perfect interface for me. Plus I can work on transportation issues (such as bikes) as well.

All in all, this is perfect! I am so fucking ecstatic. If I could hop up and down, I would have spent a good portion of the day doing so.

Oh yes, I am a nerd. Proud and true. 🙂



  1. Isn’t it awesome when all the planets align and things just feel right? We’re all so proud of you!

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