Posted by: Miriam | 28/02/2011


I have a problem (the first step is admittance, right?).

Lets start over, I’ve always been an information/news  junkie. I love info, I love staying up to date with current news stories. I am socio-politically active because I pay attention (some might say too much even). So when I started training with some data, it was more glorious information.

So for the last 2 months I have been finally riding with a heart rate monitor. I’ve always had some speed sensor, just recently a cadence sensor. But the heart rate monitors I’ve used before were the hard plastic strap kind. Having a insanely small ribcage (we’re talking sub 30″) so those things just wrapped all the way around and were highly uncomfortable. So I chucked my old Timex to the curb and just rode my bike. A. Lot. Thousands of miles, a lot. I even ignored training plans and just enjoyed riding. I did some intervals here and there because after the first crit without any training you’re sad little legs will notify you that you were an idiot. I went to nationals. I won state championships. I upgraded on the road and upgraded in mountain. And I paid no attention to any formalized training. Then I moved to Durango.

Ah, Durango. I have never felt so slow on my bike. Well no, how about my first track race after I got back from a 3 week vacation (with no riding) and a nice case of bronchitis. Yea, that’s about how I feel out here. SLOW. So bring on the data. I need to get faster. I need to have some formalized training. Now that I’m a recovering broken person I am a blank slate. I still have muscle memory, sure. But when I started riding in December, it was hard again. Riding my bike hasn’t been hard in years. So, out came the new (to me) heart rate monitor. On it goes, fitting slightly better thanks to the soft strap from Polar. I am such a dweeb that I wore it upside down for like a month – why wouldn’t it just automatically snap on the right side, I AM right handed…oops. Maybe some faulty data aside, and the occasional slippage I am hooked. I wear it at the gym. I wear it at Pilates. Ive thought about wearing it at work just to see how many calories I really do use staring at my computer.

So now I have data. Now I know my ‘zones’. Now I can stare at a tiny little screen whenever I ride. Sometimes its fun to see how high it goes (high – 200s). It is fun to compare it to all the other girls I ride with. I have by far, the highest  heart rate of the FLC Women’s Cycling Team, and I’m 10 years older than most of these girls. I also realized I carry no less than 3 computers on me at any one time when I ride: smart phone, speed, HRM. Most of the time it is 4: iPod.

So yes, I am an information junkie. And now I have more to obsess over. Next, how to afford a power tap…

Oh and ladies, is it me, or do boobs and heart rate monitors not play well together?



  1. Good post. I miss riding with you. 🙂

    Miriam I’m only going to say this because I think I have enough karma points to spare without being defriended on fb…

    > Oh and ladies, is it me, or do boobs and heart rate monitors not play well together?

    …well… it seems like this would be a bigger problem for you than other women. (But then I don’t know many large boobed cyclists. Perhaps though, that is because most of the cyclists I know are men.)

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