Posted by: Miriam | 29/08/2011

The Times, They Are A Changin’

Once and a while you realize that no matter what, life marches on. Progress they say. Here I am, a Town Planner, and so I’m supposed to be all for updating and planning for the future. But when it comes to things from our childhood, nostalgia, we have a hard time accepting those changes, even when it probably is for the betterment of the community in general.

That being said, an icon from the TEENY WEENY town I grew up in is now obliterated. The local corner store, where I spent most if not all of my allowance on candy (‘Oh, a piece of candy!’ could have been my tag line as a kid), where we rented VHS tapes (yea, I’m that old). Where we would hang out on the porch because we literally had nothing else to do. So my home town is smaller than most. According to the 2010 Census, we had 171 people in Weeville. Two of them being my parents. When I grew up, we had (I’m not condensing this list, this is THE list):

  • K-8 School, 5 class rooms. The entirety of my middle school career was spent in 2 classrooms with 2 teachers.
  • An all volunteer fire station. The siren is on top the building, it goes off when there is an emergency, much like a tornado siren.
  • A bar. A bar where the only murder in this town has taken place. My brothers and I still have to go get drunk, but they are always closed around Xmas.
  • The above mentioned, corner store. You could get most everything there besides maybe bullets (but then why were you not stocked up?).
  • A church. Because every community over 12 people has some sort of Christian denomination place of worship.
  • Couple handfuls of houses.
  • Town Park (this was the edge of town, literally).
So probably 5 or so (maybe more) years ago the store shut down. The only real meeting place in town disappeared. It just wasnt viable to keep it open and stocked. And who rents VHS’ anymore anyways?  But today, they tore it down. Flat to the ground so a house can go in. Its sad. But more than that, its weird. The iconicness of it is gone. A few years ago they took the old growth trees in my parent’s yard, now this structure is no more.  It’s weird to think my hometown no longer looks like my hometown.
PS thanks to Levon for the photo of the demolished store.


  1. Actually, the store is going to be replaced with retail space, probably 2-3 store fronts. We are hoping for a bit of a revitalization of our little town.

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