Rap Sheet

These are the chronicles of my life. The adventures, the leaps of faith, the rants, the good, the bad, and the downright fantastic moments. I am the sum of an almost infinite number parts. Many of which will be posted here. Some I’ll keep to myself, because, hey, who wants their entire life on on the interwebs?

The basics: I am a geologist, currently working as a City Planner in a small community outside Durango, Colorado. I have 2 fat assed happy cats, I have 6 beautiful and amazing bikes (I swear they multiply every time I go out to the garage), I love to ride (obviously). I am a lapsed road/mountain bike/track racer. I sing poorly, I dance slightly better, which makes me do it all the more ferociously. If I had any good stupid human tricks, I would have run away to the circus years ago.

I WILL kick your ass at Scrabble.


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