Posted by: Miriam | 12/07/2009

Le Tour

I sit here watching Le Tour de France, but I am sad. Usually watching the boys clad in candy colored spandex makes me happy. Esp when I can watch it with a roommate/fellow cyclist and we can share stories and swap jabs and cheers about the racers. But not this year. I am missing one of my friends.

My friend Matt Edmonds, a wonderful person, avid cyclist, and fellow geologist was killed when a drunk driver hit him and 2 other cyclists on a training ride in Tulsa (a 2nd cyclist was also killed). Matt was a huge fan of cycling. We used to watch the tour in our respective homes/coffee shops and then excitedly recount each stage. He got me to follow the Daphne and the Giro. We shared a fondness for Jan Ulrich and teasingly called Lance the Mighty Uniballed One.

But its not just him. KMac, vibrant, silly, and strong; had what could have been a catastrophic accident on June 2nd. She will thankfully recover.

Although I did not know Mr G from Portland Velo personally, my heart still hurts, he was a figure in OBRA and we are a close knit organization, any death hurts all of us. He was taken down by a twig. He fought a valiant fight, but the twig and fractured C2 vertebrae won that fight.

Who else? I dont think my heart can handle yet another. I hate this heavy heart. I am ready to be done worrying about my friends and family on their bikes. And I am tired of being sad. So please, my fellow cyclists, ride safe.

And finally, may there always be sunny skies, smooth roads and long descents for Matt and Mr G.


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